Extract MP3 audio from any video with these programs and websites

Over the years, videos have become as widespread elements in our equipment as any image or sound file. We can treat these from a multitude of programs and platforms, especially now that we have the Internet and all its advantages.

Although at first these multimedia contents may seem independent elements, which they are on many occasions, this is not always the case. As an example, what happens with the aforementioned videos, since most of them are also made up of one or more audio tracks. Due to this, it may be the case that sometimes we have the need to extract said audio from a video file for later use youtube to mp3.

This is something that we can carry out content recorded by ourselves, from YouTube videos or any other streaming platform, etc. Well, what at first might seem like a somewhat complex task, is not as difficult as it seems. It is possible that for many this may seem an extremely complicated practice to carry out. But in reality it is not like that, as we mentioned. This is because currently we can use several specific solutions that will help us in all this.

Programs to extract audio from a video
Keep in mind that there are several tools that simplify the task of extracting the sound to a video that we have. As you can imagine, this will allow us to save that content in our own file so that we can treat it on its own later.

Moravi Video Converter, the universal converter
To begin with, we are going to talk about a powerful software solution that allows us, among other things, to extract the audio from a specific video. But that’s not all, but we can also perform video conversion tasks, as its name indicates. This is a solution that we can download from this link.

To say that for this we only have to load the video as such, and try to convert it, as with the rest of the projects. However in this specific case we will have to choose an audio format that is compatible to achieve what we are looking for here.

VLC, much more than a multimedia player
As most of you already know, VLC is one of the most used multimedia players in the world, if not the most. Well, additionally it has a huge amount of additional functions, as we have seen so many times. Well, in the case that concerns us here, it will also help us. And it is that at the same time it offers us a function with which we can extract the audio from the videos that we load in the program.

In addition, this is something that we can carry out in a simple way, initially from the Media / Convert menu. After that, through the Add button we have to load the video itself to press Convert again, which is located at the bottom of the screen. Then we will have the possibility of opening the drop-down list that is presented to choose an audio format to extract that of that video content. This is a player that you can download from this link.

Free Video to Mp3 Converter, convert any video to MP3
This is another powerful solution that, as its name suggests, will help us extract the audio from a video. The program stands out for being very simple to use and is compatible with the extended MP3 format to achieve the desired file. At the same time we have the possibility of uploading any type of video and the process is carried out quickly. Of course, the size of the video itself also comes into play here.

Free Video to Mp3 Converter
It also allows us to select the conversion quality and has compatibility with certain metadata that we can add to the resulting file. This is a program that you can download from here.

MP4 to MP3 converter, convert files to MP3 from Chrome
This is a somewhat special case, since here we propose an extension for the popular Google Internet browser, Chrome. It will allow us to directly access the converter of the platform that developed this extension. Thus, we will obtain a free converter of files in MP4 format and be able to enjoy its sound independently.

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